Why Bitcoin behavior is a Trap and Why you Should go all In

Bitcoin isn’t doing that good. Bitcoin is crashing again and it’s going down when it should be going up well let’s talk about the price on April 5th, four days ago, bitcoin was sitting at about $47k and as of today right now we’re sitting at around $42.5k a 9.6% decrease over the past four days so some people might have had some insider news before this conference where everyone was expecting an Apple partnership to come out since they are considering adding cryptocurrency support for their users in June 2019 by 2020 but there is no official word yet from either platform or parent companies about whether or not these partnerships will take place

Jack Mueller, CEO of Apple and Strike announced that they would be accepting Bitcoin payments. But this partnership did not come to fruition. There were also a lot of other partnerships being made at the time by CEOs like Jack Mueller, but people don’t always understand what these deals mean for them as consumers so I’m going to try and explain it in detail so you’ll get the gravity behind those announcements from companies like Apple & Shopify and National Cash Register (NCR) partner with each other on NCR’s point-of-sale solution which is more important than anything else because it allows businesses to accept credit cards, debit cards or even bitcoin payments through their system without having much trouble integrating cryptocurrency into their business models.

And they’ve kind of already done what Strike has done and Amped is a spending protocol that’s the cryptocurrency for it where you’re able to stake your amp and spend 3:00. You know through the Flexa network with just your staking rewards well-Flexa has integrations, partnerships, etc. Already with NCR, they also have Shopify coming (they’ll be integrating in a few days), as well as Clover Payments & Income Payment Gateway Integration; plus WooCommerce Magento Magneto integration not necessarily on the Bitcoin side but…this means you’ll be able to spend your bitcoin through the lightning network with some of the largest businesses across the world. That includes Walmart, Starbucks, and CVS. Walgreens and hundreds of others use NCR hardware and software so that’s bigger than people realize, but there is a play in an altcoin out there as well if you didn’t know–ampliconLists features/benefits of product or company

Lightning Network is a project that aims to solve bitcoin’s scalability problem by creating a payment channel through which transactions can be made outside of Bitcoin blocks. But, it may still take time for lightning network users to start using this new technology and make any big changes in their lives.

Bitcoin has also been developing other solutions such as stable coins because they are not dependent on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or Ethereum, but rather fiat currencies.

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Why Bitcoin behavior is a Trap and Why you Should go all In 2

It’s a trap that I see coming so we already had the longs just flush out. They freaking went down and are probably getting upwards of 500 million over the past week. Probably getting close to like six to seven hundred million dollars!

There are not too many longs left. We have a narrative coming next week and the next CPI data on Tuesday, April 12th. Consumer price index data is coming out and guess what they are expecting it to be higher than last time– above eight percent for the first time! UBS has released a prediction of 8.5% this week so those bears will use their narrative over the next few days leading up to Tuesday in order to push down bitcoin prices which I do kind of see happening…

Probably going down to 40,000. Just to get those bears set up UBS also predicted this will be the peak and then we will start going down month after month until leading to the end of 2018. They predict inflation at only 3.4%. So if that’s good news, you guys are in for a treat because it means bitcoin prices would go up with high inflation numbers or low inflation numbers depending on whether they’re higher or lower than what was predicted by UBS!

The bears are feeling the shorters are going to get trapped and we’re going to see a large liquidation short squeeze event probably towards the end of the middle or next week. And um, yeah so I mean I don’t recommend anybody leverage trade but there will be a lot of people leveraging because the top YouTubers and even some other new big YouTubers are pushing by bit and leveraging trading like crazy so do not do it if you watch my channel but there will be lots of people doing this.

It’s time to finish this video off with a possible Airdrop. Have you heard of Xerox Palladium? I don’t even know how to say that, but they’re having on their website proof of ownership type thing about it.

The tweet invites people to retweet it and offers their names for a chance to win 10,000 bits. There is no follow-up information as of yet on what ens mean.

Beneficial for you. Beneficial how? Well, I predict it’s possibly an airdrop. Why would it be beneficial unless you’re going to airdrop something? So in my opinion, Bitcoin is probably a trap and this is the time when things aren’t looking good for Bitcoin and everything else isn’t either so in my opinion, bitcoin won’t react down but will continue to go up until some crazy events happen like world war three breaking out which I don’t think that’s really likely at all because people are still holding on to their Bitcoins as they should be regardless of what happens with the news or anything else around them

It’s a possibility I see Bitcoin. I think that’s it for me because this is a short video today. It’ll be done at 8:37 but uh yeah tune in Monday or actually I don’t know what I’m gonna post on Monday because I’m actually going out into public once again to do this crypto and cash video but now I got an even better idea so i gotta thank chico army community members for this one too. So happy days are here again!


NFT are so hyped lately and people are going to be like, “I’ve heard of them enough to use” I want my first one but they have a chance for physical piece ownership of it. Tune in for the next episode.

Bitcoins might be the trap that you’re waiting for.

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